The image on top is of THC Cartridges, which have led to the Vaping Illness. The image below it is of an open pod, refillable device which, when filled with juice from a reputable, FDA regulated vape shop, contains no THC or Vitamin E Acetate.

The CDC confirmed that of the patients that reported what product they vaped, 16% reported to have only used nicotine, however this is likely lower due to people not admitting to THC use, reports Metro Times. 

Leafly reported that up to 50 million THC cartridges are currently circulating in the US. Each of these carts could possibly be tainted with lead, pesticides, Vitamin E Acetate, or even residual solvent butane.

The CDC article lists the death cases, as well as their statistics. The report was that 77% of people that reported what product they used admitted to using THC-containing products, while 36% used exclusively THC products, and 16% reported exclusive nicotine use. The CDC has not linked nicotine E-Liquids to Vaping Illness.

The FDA also warns against using THC vaping products, especially ones that are obtained “off the street or other illicit or social sources.” These include any and all THC cartridges.

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