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How Wall Street Tobacco Deals Left States With Billions in Toxic Debt

Alot of terrible press trying to link vaping to black market THC cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate. These ‘products’ are not part of the legitimate vaping industry. Politicians see an opportunity to impose bans and are doing so in order to regain lost MSA revenue. MI and NY States have fallen already. How bad are […]

Paradigm’s FEI

Happy New Year! Paradigm Distribution’s facility and branded
products are registered with the FDA as of 12 December 2016. We want you to
know that we are fully committed and focused on taking care of the businesses
we are partnered with.Our goal is to make sure we communicate that message to
everyone. You do not have to worry about […]

Welcome Paradigm Distribution

We’d like to take this moment and thank all of the people who made the launch of this company possible -Thank You!We’ve been waiting since February of 2016 (when the company was formed) to get this up and going. Knowing that the FDA was set to release their deeming regulations in the upcoming Spring, we […]